A Dayton Family Album

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“Lovable, Phil & Floppy were our house Ragdolls that we used as "Salesmen."

When anyone came to the Cattery, of course, we would demonstrate the wonderful characteristics and from early on the response was, at times, overwhelming”.-
Denny Dayton

Laura with Lovable, Phil & Floppy
Laura wearing a Phil a fur collar
Phil & Lovable Show off Their Size
Lovable demonstrates his flop for Laura and his nice white belly stripe

“Pip was our star at shows. He was shown lst time at 8 months at a Ventura Ca show. Many shows later and lots of hard work of establishing in all the assoc. Of course you probably know all that history.

I looked at your site and you have done a beautiful job.”
Denny Dayton

Below is a lovely, cheerful, shot of Laura and Denny today. RAG thanks you both for sharing these great photos, and, above all, for your inspiration to all of us.
Joan C. Ludwig, President, RAG

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