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 NOTE:  Only Ragdolls that meet the standard of being a blue-eyed pointed cat are allowed to be advertised on this site.

to the Available Kittens, Adults and Retired Breeders section of our website. .

**Ragdolls of America Group (RAG) will not be held responsible/liable for any sales or disputes of any kind, all sales are between private individual parties. Either parties may refuse or accept any offer or request.

 This is a new complimentary service for our members to list your kittens, adults or retired breeders

Only members of RAG may apply for a listing. *Listings more than a month old will be automatically removed, keeping your viewing up to date.  For corrections to our members Available Ragdolls Ads, please send an email to available@ragdollscfa.org 

Only one ad per cat/litter every 30 days will be allowed.  If when the current ad expires the cat is still available, then you are welcome to resubmit an ad.

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