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For Associate Members Who Exhibit Ragdolls In CFA In the Alter Class

(Required Fields have an asterisk*)

*Your Full Name:
*Email Address:
*Your Address:
*City: *State/Province: *Zip:
QUESTIONNAIRE: (This information is confidential): Thank you for joining RAG and for showing or planning to show your Ragdoll in the Alter Class in CFA. Please feel free to contact any of our members/officers if you need assistance in showing your alter:
1. How many Ragdoll Show Alters do you own? Males: Females:
2. What patterns? Colorpoints: Mitteds: Bicolors:
(In CFA only the bicolor pattern can be shown for Premier/Grand Premiership status; the mitted and colorpoint patterns are shown in the AOV class (must have a CFA registration number, but do not actually compete against the bicolor pattern for the Premier title/Grand Premiership title.)
3. Do you exhibit your Ragdolls in CFA? Yes: No:
Other Associations?
4. If so, how many shows per year do you attend?
CFA: 1-2 3-5 6-15 More
Other Associations: 1-2 3-5 6-15 More
5. Have you ever attended the CFA International?
6. Would you like to attend one day?
7. What can or would you like to do to help RAG promote the Ragdoll breed in CFA?
8. Please provide us the name and email address of the breeder from whom you purchased yourshow alter as a reference.
Will you be sending a check/money order or paying via Paypal?
*You must choose one! Check/Money Order:      Paypal:

Associate Membership: $20.00
Family Membership: $30.00
(Maximum of Three Individuals At Same Address)
You will have the option to pay by Paypal or to send a check after you submit your membership application, please click the Submit Membership Application button below. Thank you!

*To prevent spamming of our form please enter the characters you see in the image, then click submit:



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