Membership Application/Renewal Form
For Ragdoll Breeders/Exhibitors in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)

Name: ________________________________________________________________
Cattery Name:_________________________ CFA Cattery Reg. #:________________
(required to have CFA Cattery Registration)
Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: ________
Telephone: __________________ E-Mail ____________________________________
URL/Website Link: ______________________________________________________
Initial Application__________ or Renewal________?

Individual Membership: $20.00 ------- Family Membership: $30.00
(Maximum of Three Individuals At Same Address)

Please Make Check Payable To: Ragdolls of America Group (RAG) in US funds and mail to:

Ragdolls of America
c/o James Flanik
5816 Oakes Rd.
Brecksville, Ohio 44141

For your convenience, RAG now also has an online form and accepts payments through Paypal:
or If you would like to make a payment directly please go to and make a payment to

MINI-QUESTIONNAIRE: (This information is confidential):

1. How many ragdoll breeding cats do you own? Males: _______; Females:_____________
2. How many of each pattern? Colorpoints: _____; Mitteds: _______; Bicolors: _____
3. Are all your ragdolls individually registered with CFA? Yes __; No: __; Some: ___
4. Do you register all your ragdoll kittens with CFA? Yes: ______ No: ______ ; Some: _____
5. Do you exhibit your ragdolls in CFA? ______; What Other Associations? __________________
6. If so, how many shows per year do you attend?
CFA: 1-2 ____; 3-5 _____; 6-15 _____; More _____
Other Associations: 1-2 ____; 3-5 _____; 6-15 _____; More _____

7. How many CFA Champions do you own? ______ From your breeding?_________
8. How many CFA Grands/Grand Premiers do you own? _____; From your breeding? ____________
9. Have you ever attended the CFA International? ___________________________
10. Would you like to attend one day? ______________________________________
11: What can or would you like to do to help RAG promote the Ragdoll breed in CFA? _____________________________________________________________________


12. Please provide us the name and email address of the ragdoll breeder from whom you purchased your breeders as a reference:


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