Distinguished Merit Ragdoll Dads

H. Bordeaux LTD’s Sandy Blues, DM
Sire:  Sandollrags Walker of Bordeaux LTD
Dam:  CH Raggledazzle’s Olivia, DM
Breeder:  Elizabeth Thurman
Owner:  Luo Shazhou & Jun Hyungu

2010 CFA’s Second Distinguished Merit (DM) male Ragdoll
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Risky Bizness, DM

Elizabeth Thurman of Bordeaux LTD in Clearwater, FL is the owner/breeder of CFA’s Second Distinguished Merit (DM) male Ragdoll (GC Bordeaux LTD’s Risky Bizness, DM). Risky is the Second DM male in the CFA history of our Ragdoll breed to achieve this title since we were accepted for championship status in May 2000. In two of his litters with GC, RW Bordeaux LTD’s Suzie Q (Suzie Q), who attained her DM for producing 7 CFA Grand Champions, they produced two Grand Premiers. In another litter with Suzie Q, he produced three Grand Champion girls. Risky’s dad is GC Dollhowse Designer Blue Genes, and his mom is CH Solemate Wish Upon A Star, DM (“Chrissy”). Risky’s mom has produced 5 CFA Grand Champions earning the title of DM after her name as well.

His CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier offspring are:

GC Bordeaux LTD’s QP Doll
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Chyna Doll
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Barbie Doll
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Makin Bizness
GP Bordeaux LTD’s XTC Bizness
GC, RW Bordeaux LTD’s Bailey of GrandeEstate
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Dash ‘O Magic
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Genuine Whiskey
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Just A Dallas Forty
GP Bordeaux LTD’s Just A Dusty Dan
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Gingerbread Cookie
GP Bordeaux LTD’s Eazy Bizness
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Rhythm ‘N Blues
GC Bordeaux LTD’s JackInABox
GC Bordeaux LTD’s Risky Affair

2006-2007 The First Male Ragdoll DM
GC, GP, BW,RW Dollhowse Denver Blues of Kebekat, DM

Isabelle Bellavance is the owner of Denver, a blue point-white male and JaNeil Cillessen is the breeder. Denver is the very first male Ragdoll DM and the very first Breed Winner in CFA back in the 2000 – 2001 show season. He attained a RW as a kitten in the breed’s first year of acceptance.
Sire:  CH Merrypawpins Ambassador
Dam:  CH Dollhowse Princess Leah, DM
Denver Blues Grands are:
GC,RW Kebekat Le Grand Bleu
GC,RW Kebekat Secret Trade
GP Kebekat Top Secret
GC Kebekat Angel Eyes
GC,RW Kebekat Milky Way
GC Kebekat Galliano
GC,BW,RW Kebekat Kiss-Of-Faith
GC,RW Kebekat Late Arrival
GC Kebekat Daydreamer
GP Kebekat Gypsy
GC Kebekat Frimas
GP Kebekat Smarties
GP Kebekat Mikaza
GC Kebekat Snow Angel
GC Kebekat Odyssey